Public Safety

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The Trinity Vicinity Neighborhood Association is dedicated to public safety!
The TVNA Public Safety Committee actively works with residents and local law enforcement to keep our streets safe and secure for residents and visitors.
Contact the Public Safety Committee at
Police Contact information:


Please contact the Wilmington Police Dept. non-emergency line at 302-654-5151
Anonymous Tips:
Report your information anonymously through the Delaware Crime Stoppers tip lines. Call 1-800-TIP-3333 or visit their website at

Trinity Vicinity’s Assigned Police Officers:
Wilmington Police Officers are assigned to patrol the Trinity Vicinity neighborhood from 4th Street to 11th Street. They attend our TVNA Meetings regularly, so feel free to stop by and meet them or have your questions about public safety answered.
You can also call, text, or send photos to their cell phones if you see suspicious activity.

2014 TVNA Assigned Police Officer:
Michael Wilkerson

Neighborhood Safety Tips:
– Keep an eye out! If you see something suspicious, report it!
– Ask the police to increase patrols of your neighborhood.
– Sponsor a Neighborhood Watch.
– Be sure the outside doors of your home have strong deadbolt locks.
– Keep spare keys with a trusted neighbor or nearby shopkeeper, not under a doormat or planter, on a ledge, or in the mailbox.
– Make sure nothing in your car appeals to thieves. Even small tote bags and loose change can encourage break-ins.
– Illuminate or eliminate places an intruder might hide: the spaces between trees or shrubbery, stairwells, alleys, hallways, and entryways.
– Set timers on lights when you’re away from home so it appears to be occupied.
– Organize neighborhood cleanup days to send the message that your community is closed to thieves, vandals, and loiterers.
– Installing cameras in the neighborhood can prevent various crime activity from occurring. Please refer to this link on how to purchase a security camera if interested.

Comments/Questions? Please email the Public Safety & Crime Prevention Committee at