Parking & Streets

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Trinity Vicinity loves its cobblestone streets!
The TVNA Parking & Streets Committee knows the ins and outs of city life when it comes to owning a car (or two!). We also can help with trash/recycling collection and maintenance issues to ensure your streets are clean and clear. Contact the Parking & Streets Committee at

Need a resident parking pass for Trinity Vicinity or a guest parking tag?

Bring your DE license and registration to:
Wilmington Parking Authority
Louis L. Redding City/County Building
800 N. French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Resident parking passes are free and last for 1 year. They need to be renewed by November 30th of each year.
2 guest tags are $25.00 and last for 1 year.
Cars without guest tags or a Wilmington resident parking sticker are subject to fines and towing.

Instant Ticketing is now in effect
Citizens who violate the City’s sanitation code by improperly disposing or placing trash for pick-up, or by allowing high grass, weeds, junk and debris, or fecal matter to litter their property are now subject to an instant $50 fine. Citizens who fail to clean-up the mess they created could receive additional $50 instant fines. For more information please contact the City of Wilmington Department of Licenses and Inspections at (302) 576-3030.

Special Note: A camera has been installed to deter cars from driving the wrong way down North Monroe St. This will be used to issue tickets and fines appropriately and immediately.

Nuisance Properties
Click HERE for a copy of the nuisance form you can fax to the city to report properties that are not meeting the city’s cleanliness and safety requirements. If you require multiple copies of the form that can be mailed please use the contact us link on this web page.

Street Lights
CLICK HERE to report a broken street light, or call 800-375-7117. These are controlled by Delmarva Power, and it is recommended to include the pole number with the report (found usually on a small metal plate on the pole). You can also tie something yellow or orange around the pole and it will be repaired during normal maintenance routes.

Recycling/Trash Pickup
Click HERE for the 2009 Recycling/Trash Pick-up schedule. There is also information on what residents can recycle, how to prepare items for recycling, where to place recycling/trash cans for pick-up and how to call for a special pickup.

Special Trash Pickup
For large items such as old couches, lumber, please call in advance to have it specially picked up: 302-576-3878.

Comments/Questions? Email the Parking & Streets Committee at: